Wat lezen onze boekenverkopers?

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We nemen je graag mee door het prachtige aanbod aan mooie, recente titels in onze winkel.
Dit zijn onze favorieten. Wees welkom voor meer informatie, we adviseren je met liefde!

Naar het paradijs – Hanya Yanagihara €24,99
Kruispunt – Jonathan Franzen €25
Terra Ultima – Raoul Deleo €25,99
Ottolenghi Test KitchenShelf Love €24,99
Aleksandra  – Lisa Weeda €22,99
De egel, dat ben ik – Toon Tellegen €18,99
Koolhydraatarme bijbel – Janneke Vreugdenhil €33,99
Sneeuwwit – Samuel Björk €21,99
De Mitsukoshi Troostbaby Company – Auke Hulst €26,99
Een mogelijk begin van veel, 29 dichters aan het werk – Hester van Hasselt en Bianca Sistermans €26,99
De verliefde zebra en andere verhalen – Godfried Bomans  €24,95
Oriëntalisme – Edward W. Said €27,50
De gezichten – Tove Ditlevsen €19,99
Het huis aan het einde – Irwan Droog €22,99
Herinneringen aan mijn onzichtbaarheid – Rebecca Solnit €25,00
Wij kunnen dit – Nelleke Noordervliet  €22,99
Paradijs – Jens Lapidus  €22,99
Het recht op seks – Amia Srinivasan €24,50
Het slavenschip – Marcus Rediker  €32,99
Suriname, ik ben – Bea Vianen  €21,00
Troost – Michael Ignatieff  €27,50

For English books:

English books

We read these wonderful English books, and they are highly recommended!

To Paradise
Hanya Yanagihara 

HB €26,99 / PB €19,99
A bold and ambitious novel from the author of A Little Life spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, about lovers, family, loss and the elusive promise of utopia.
The first story takes place in 1893. Protagonist David Bingham, offspring of a wealthy banking family, lives in New York. He is expected to enter an arranged marriage with a respected man. However, David falls in love with a penniless musician.
In the second part we travel to 1993. A descendant of the last King of Hawaii resides in New York at the height of the AIDS crisis. Meanwhile, his father is dying in Hawaii.
The third part takes up almost half of the novel and takes place mainly in the year 2093, in a dystopian future determined by pandemics and climate change.
Three stories which seem to have little in common, connected by themes such as racism, sexuality, loneliness, migration, complex family relationships, a yearning to be loved, and illnesses. Dazzling, puzzling it might well be the first book of 2022 you immediately want to re-read.


Unsettled Ground
Claire Fuller 

HB €19,99  PB €17,99  Pocket €11,99
51 year old twins Jeanie and Julius still live with their mother in an old cottage in the country. They’re poor and removed from society but when their mom suddenly dies they must learn to adapt and fend for themselves. They fight to survive as their mother’s secrets unfold.
A disturbing and unputdownable read. Winner of the Costa Novel Award 2021.

Ken Follett

HB €26,99
An extraordinary thriller from master storyteller Ken Follett. A clash of superpowers as China reacts to a generals revolt in North Korea and America battles a terrorists thread in central Africa. A young window and her son embark on a journey to find better lives for themselves in a country where human trafficking in rife. Set in the present day and one can help wonder how close to the bone this one cuts. We watch events unfold through a host of wonderful and complicated characters this is Follett at his best.

Call Us What We Carry
Amanda Gorman

HB €19,99
‘This is poetry rippling with communal recognition and empathy. This is more than protest. It’s a promise’, The Guardian. This poetry collection includes The Hill We Climb, the stirring poem read at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.


On Consolation
Michael Ignatieff

HB €22,99 PB €19,99
Timely and profound philosophical meditations on how great figures in history, literature, music, and art searched for solace while facing tragedies and crises, from historian and Booker Prize finalist Michael Ignatieff.











Fabric –
Victoria Finlay

HB €33,99
From our earliest ancestors to babies born today, fabric is a necessary part of our everyday lives, but it’s also an opportunity for creativity, symbolism, culture and connection. Travelling across the world and bringing history to life, Victoria Finlay investigates how and why people have made and used cloth. A beautiful work of original research and a personal journey at once.










Here’s to usBecky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
pocket €11,99
The utterly charming follow-up to What If It’s Us. Ben and Arthur get a second chance. They called it quits two years before but the sparks are still flying. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, here’s to old friends and new beginnings!