Creative Writing Summer Course

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21 augustus 2023 @ 09:00 – 25 augustus 2023 @ 17:00
Creative Writing Summer Course

About the course

The course will take you through the Creative Writing basics of writing a short story, without falling into the creative writing clichés. Courses will include interactive lessons on story structure, character building, (told) time and chronotope using many thrilling examples from established and contemporary world literature.

The goal of the summer intensive will be to hand the student tools and knowledge for fiction writing in order to discover a personal voice, style, themes and writing methods. The question ‘Why do we write?’ will be the base of the course.

The teacher will emphasize on experiment and enabling yourself as a writer to produce and think in a fun and playful  way, hopefully offering students a long time toolbox for shaping a durable and wholesome writing practise, whether you’re a selfproclaimed hobbyist or an aspiring professional.

Methods will include innovative writing assignments such as location writing, joint readings, feedback rounds and open conversations.

About the teacher

Wietse Leenders is a Creative Writing and Theatre Studies alumni and  works as a literary programmaker. He’s in the Dutch Literature Foundation masters trajectory and previously published short stories in De Revisor and other (online) magazines. He is currently working on a novel about theatre, madness and the third choice.



Beginner and intermediate writers


Monday 21st of august – 25th of august


Above the bookstore Hijman Ongerijmd

Grote Oord 15, 6811 GN Arnhem, NL


(including taxes and four lunches)

Full price: €300,-

Student price: €180,-

*Low budget? Let us know! We’re always happy to think about a fitting solution.



Please feel free to mail or call +316 11084981 (Wietse)